Sleepy Buys: 3 of the best magnesium supplements to help you sleep

My book 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep explains the importance of the mineral magnesium to help you get a good night’s sleep.

It helps maintain a healthy amount of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the body; GABA is a neurotransmitter that promotes relaxation.

Magnesium deficiency is associated with anxiety and stress. One study found that upping magnesium intake led to falling asleep faster, with better sleep throughout the night. Magnesium is also thought to help with the symptoms of restless-leg syndrome.

Good sources of magnesium are dark leafy greens, seeds and nuts such fish, and wholegrains such as wholewheat bread and brown rice.

If you think you need a magnesium top-up, then look for good quality supplements.

Here are 3 you might like to take a look at:

Natures Plus KalmAssure Magnesium Powder: £19.60,

A powder in a refreshing orange flavour to mix with water.

Together Health Night Time Marine Magnesium: £12.99 for 30 capsules,

Ocean-sourced Magnesium mixed with a premium hops extract and natural 5-HTP from Griffonia extract.

Link Nutrition Magnesium: £15.95 for 30 capsules,

This Food Based form of magnesium is well-absorbed and gentle on the stomach (synthetic magnesium can sometimes cause stomach upset)

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Sleepy Buy: Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

Dreamy scents of lavender and oatmeal makes this a soothing night-time treat.

If you’re applying body lotion at night, it makes sense to use something with a scent that’s going to calm and relax you – rather than invigorate and enliven.

That’s why I can almost guarantee you’ll fall in love with (and fall asleep to) Lush Sleepy Body Lotion.

A pretty purple colour, and perfect for massaging in and wearing under your lightest of lightweight pyjamas, this body lotion feels soft and cooling as you apply – perfect for summer nights when you want only a whisper of a lotion to moisturise your limbs after a lukewarm shower.

The scent is soft and powdery; notes of lavender (known to be a soporific scent) are softened by caramel-like tonka and calming oatmilk. Close your eyes and inhale – and you’ll soon be nodding off.

It costs £9 for a 95g pot and £16 for a 215g pot available here:

Don’t forget to check out my book 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep for lots of scientifically-backed tips to help you sleep more easily.

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Sleepy Buy: Tisserand’s ‘Sleep Better’ Collection

My new book 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep explains how aromatherapy can benefit you at bedtime, to soothe you into sleep – and for products that help, head to the experts at Tisserand Aromatherapy.

They know all there is to know about essential oils and their powers to put you at your ease, sourcing and selling the best 100% natural pure essential oils, creating beautifully scented and blended body washes, bath soaks and more, designed to wow you into wellbeing, transporting you into a state of calm, focus, happiness or even energy.

Their superb ‘Sleep Better’ collection incorporates a mix of Jasmine, Sandalwood and Lavender essential oils, helping you to soak, spritz, massage (or roller-ball!) your way into switching off and drifting off to sleep with ease.

For the bath, there’s a slumber-scented Bath & shower Wash (£11.95), Bath Oil (£9.45) or Bath Salts (£13.95) , which also contain Magnesium to help relax muscles.

The keep-by-the-bed Massage & Body Oil is superb when used to massage into hard-working hands before lights-out. It leaves no residue after a minute or two of gentle kneading and the rich yet gentle scent aids in the relaxation process.

Also in the collection is a sweetly-scented Pillow Mist and ‘The Little Box of Sleep’ – a pretty package of three pulse-point roller balls (each designed to help you either calm a busy brain, relax your body, or make you feel dreamy) makes an ideal gift for anyone who has trouble nodding off.

They’re all available from

And don’t forget to check out my book 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep for plenty more science-backed ways to help you drift off easily.

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Sleepy Buy: Temple Spa Repose Aromatherapy Resting Cream

I’m all for sleep rituals…small, relaxing things you can do at night-time to remind your body and mind it’s time to wind-down and prepare for a perfect night of peaceful shut-eye. (See my new book 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep for a whole chapter of ‘Before Bed Wind-Down Tricks that really work).

And using a night-cream that’s calming and soothing can be a perfect part of anyone’s sleep ritual. Used nightly, the scent of the cream will help you associate it with tranquility.

Temple Spa’s Repose Aromatherapy Resting Cream is the perfect pre-sleep concoction. Packed with plenty of skin-friendly vitamins plus complexion boosters hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and glycerin, what makes it a superior sleep-aid is the fact it’s also infused with essential oils of lavender and frankincense plus soothing hops.

It’s light, melty, easily absorbed and smells of ‘lying in a spa’. Breathe in the scent from your hands after applying to fill yourself with a sense of ‘ahhhh’.

It costs £40 from

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Sleepy Buy: Bramley Sleep Spray

My new book 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep explains how essential oils can help you sleep and looks at some of the studies that help prove their soporific powers.

Perfuming your pillow with a sleep-inducing spray to sink into is a lovely way to introduce essential oils into your night-time routine. But you need to make sure the spray you use is gentle and won’t irritate your skin (because if you’re anything like me, you like to bury your face into your pillow rather than lie-back tidily to drift off).

Step in Bramley’s Sleep Spray. Inspired by the British countryside, Bramley beauty products contain natural botanicals and fair-traded essential oils, so you can feel good about spritzing and spraying them at your pleasure.

This heavenly-scented spray contains a calming blend of essential oils of sleep-inducing yarrow, lavender and chamomile – and it’s gentle enough to spray onto your face as well as your pillow. So I’ve been doing both and I can report softer skin as well as better sleep. Beautiful sleep in a bottle.

Bramley Sleep Spray is £16 from

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Sleepy Buys: Olverum Bath Oil and Body Oil…for overall mmm…

One of the tips in my new book 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep explains why a warm bath can help you sleep (yes, of course it’s relaxing but it’s actually the drop in core body temperature you experience when you get out of the tub which sends a chemical ‘feel sleepy’ message to your brain).

But of course, what you put in your bath can help start the process of sleepiness. Think soothing, relaxing soporific essential oils.

Meet the amazing Olverum Bath Oil – a formula that’s been largely unchanged for over 80 years and loved by its cult following.

First, the scent hits you (and everyone else at home as it escapes the confines of your steamy bathroom and pervades the landing, the hallway, the rest of the house). Expect calls of ‘what’s that amazing smell?’ from anyone within sniffing distance.

A mix of ten essential oils (including eucalyptus, lemon peel, lime and Exotic Verbena), the perfume clears your mind, soothes your senses and cocoons you in comfort.

A little goes a long way (just half a capful is enough) and the oil is light to smooth your skin, not so heavy to make it slippery.

It’s bathtime bliss – and you can prolong the pampering by applying its sister product Olverum ‘The Body Oil’ when you emerge from the spa-like serenity of your tub.

Breathe in the calm – and then enjoy blissful shut-eye.

Olverum Bath Oil is £32 for 125ml (enough for 25 baths) and The Body Oil (100ml) is £40 

Sleepy Buys: Neom Organics Magnesium Body Butters – can they help you sleep?

My book 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep explains how important the mineral magnesium is to help promote relaxation – and that studies have linked upping your intake to falling asleep faster and getting better sleep through the night, too.

What’s more, magnesium is also though to help alleviate the maddening (tell me about it!) symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome, a condition that kicks in just as you’re starting to relax and means it’s difficult to sit or lie still (and certainly to get to sleep).

The good news is that magnesium is well-absorbed through the skin – so step in these two dreamy creams from luxury brand Neom Organics, which both contain the mineral magnesium, mixed with fragrant, relaxing essential oils such as lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood.

I’ve been using them for a couple of weeks and not only do they smell divine, but I’ve been getting less bouts of restless legs come bedtime.

Perfect Night’s Sleep Body Butter and Real Luxury Body Butter are both £36 from

Sleepy Buys: Sanctuary Spa SLEEP Collection

I love the fact that even the mainstream cosmetics industry is now producing products perfectly placed (and nicely priced) to incorporate into a calming regime before bedtime.

Step in the new Sanctuary Spa SLEEP collection which includes a Drift-Off Bath Soak, £12, Relaxing Night Body Butter, £11 and a Dream Easy Pillow Mist, £8 (available from Boots, Superdrug etc)

They’re all infused with a ‘sleep-enhancing fragrance’ ( hello lavender oil and midnight flowers….and good night).

Layer the scenting experience starting with a warm bubbly bath, followed by a leisurely body butter massage and finish with a spritz of sleepiness on your pillow. You’ll soon come to associate the dreamy scents with good sleep.

My book 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep has plenty of tips and ideas on all sorts of things you can incorporate into a wind-down routine. Including that warm bath. And why 9pm is the perfect time to immerse yourself.

Photos by Sanctuary Spa and  Léonard Cotte on Unsplash

Sleepy Buy: Kiss The Moon

I’m a firm believer that finding a relaxing activity to do before bed can be vital in helping you sleep. My book 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep is full of ideas – in fact there’s a whole chapter of ‘before-bed wind-down activities to try.

Even something as simple as massaging your hands can be a comforting bedtime activity.

And using a cream that contains calming essential oils can make the process even more beneficial – helping you drift off to dreamland easier too.

Kiss The Moon’s LOVE Night Cream for Hands (£28, is a special soothing blend of dreamy scents (ylang ylang, rose, palmarosa) blended with shea butter plus frankincense essential oil which is known to have an anti-depressant, mind winding-down effect.

Massage slowly into the palms and backs of of your hands, then into individual fingers up to the cuticles and inbetween the fingers. Finish by cupping your hands and breathing in the aromas to help your mind drift off into serenity – and sleep.

For lots more soothing, scientifically supported advice on how to get to sleep easier, do take a look at my new book 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep

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Sleepy Buy: RESCUE Restfulness

I’ve long been a fan of Bach™ RESCUE REMEDY® before taking a flight. It seems to do the trick to calm my pre-take off nerves.

For bed-time relaxation? My book 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep is full of tips. And RESCUE NIGHT® can also help. It combines the original RESCUE® formula with Bach™ Original Flower Remedy White Chestnut, to help switch off those unwanted, repetitive thoughts that always seem to swirl around in the silence when your head hits the pillow.

It comes in a dropper £8.49, spray £10.99 or as liquid melts £9.20 from pharmacies (

Because what we eat and drink can also influence how well we sleep,
RESCUE Night® has teamed up with Nutritional Therapist, Sally Wisbey, to create a dreamy smoothie recipe that could help you nod off.

You will need:
​1/2 cup of organic milk (use almond or oat milk for a dairy free alternative)
1 tsp of almond butter
1/2 fresh banana
Handful of frozen cherries
1/4 tsp of grated nutmeg

Put all ingredients into a blender and whizz until smooth.

Sweet dreams

For lots more tips see my book 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep

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