Olverum Bath Oil and Body Oil…for overall mmm…

One of the tips in my new book 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep explains why a warm bath can help you sleep (yes, of course it’s relaxing but it’s actually the drop in core body temperature you experience when you get out of the tub which sends a chemical ‘feel sleepy’ message to your brain).

But of course, what you put in your bath can help start the process of sleepiness. Think soothing, relaxing soporific essential oils.

Meet the amazing Olverum Bath Oil – a formula that’s been largely unchanged for over 80 years and loved by its cult following.

First, the scent hits you (and everyone else at home as it escapes the confines of your steamy bathroom and pervades the landing, the hallway, the rest of the house). Expect calls of ‘what’s that amazing smell?’ from anyone within sniffing distance.

A mix of ten essential oils (including eucalyptus, lemon peel, lime and Exotic Verbena), the perfume clears your mind, soothes your senses and cocoons you in comfort.

A little goes a long way (just half a capful is enough) and the oil is light to smooth your skin, not so heavy to make it slippery.

It’s bathtime bliss – and you can prolong the pampering by applying its sister product Olverum ‘The Body Oil’ when you emerge from the spa-like serenity of your tub.

Breathe in the calm – and then enjoy blissful shut-eye.

Olverum Bath Oil is £32 for 125ml (enough for 25 baths) and The Body Oil (100ml) is £40 Olverum.com 

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