Trees can help you get better zzzs

In my new book ‘222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep’, I’ve written about how trees can help you get better zzzs….

‘Shinrin-yoku’ – or ‘forest bathing’ is a Japanese term meaning to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the forest.

Surrounding yourself by trees and nature has been found to help lower stress boost the immune system and lift mood.

And one Japanese study found that people with sleep problems enjoyed better, deeper sleep after a wander through the woods.

A natural environment is known to impact positively on wellbeing, but it’s also thought that inhaling the essential oils that trees emanate may also be involved in aiding better sleep.

I’m lucky enough to have woods near me where I often go to walk my dog. If you’re not near countryside, then head to a local park with trees and enjoy a mindful walk.

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Photos by veeterzy , Elke Karin Lugert and kazuend on Unsplash

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