My book: 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep

Available from online retailers such as Amazon plus Waterstones and other good book shops

I’m really excited about my new book – published by Piatkus, Little Brown in March 2019.

It’s all about sleep – and how to get more of it!

As well as being available in the UK, the rights have so far sold to France, the Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Slovenia, the United States and Japan.

The Emerald Street team (home of Stylist) said: “…this is the life hack bible you’ve been searching for – we’ve tried it and it blinking well works. Kim Jones has packed this book with practical tips (relax your tongue and hold your thumb), psychological insights and common sense. It might just change your night life forever.”

Packed full of science-backed, practical sleep tips, I hope you’ll find it’s an easy to understand, informative – and of course, helpful – book.

I was inspired to write it after a feature I wrote on Sleep Tricks, published in The Daily Mirror back in 2013, kept appearing on the ‘Most Read’ pages in the lifestyle section of the paper online – for years! Readers seemed to love the tips in the article and I thought there was a market out there for a book that examined all sorts of techniques and practices that have been proven to help people suffering from insomnia or the odd sleepless night.

I trawled through hundreds of sleep research papers and used the years of knowledge I’ve gleaned from interviewing various sleep experts, researchers, physicians and more to dig into what really works – and I’ve endeavoured to explain often complex ideas in an easy-to-read accessible format.

As a result, I hope this book will help you sleep and be a trusty bedside companion for you should insomnia – or the odd sleepless night – strike.

Please do take a look. It’s available from Amazon and Waterstones and other good book shops.

Sweet dreams xx

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