Listen up…to wind down

I recently wrote features for The Daily Mirror and Daily Express on how listening your way to sleep is the new way to drop off.

My book 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep has plenty of tips on this subject – including how things like ASMR clips, white noise and binaural beats can lull you to a state of calm.

I also looked at the latest Sleepcasts (the new Podcasts) including those by Headspace, which remixes and reworks their content every night so that you can’t memorise a story and anticipate what’s coming – all of which can keep you awake.

Also really interesting is the fact that sales of audiobooks went up by 43 per cent last year – not least because so many of us listen to a tale at night to help us drift off to dreamland. New to the market are Penguin Sleep Tales – a collection of stories developed with the help of The Sleep Council. And the Calm app is bringing out Fairy Tales De-Stressed – a series of soothing new takes on scary tales. My book, 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep, is also available as an audiobook here – read with the gorgeous dulcet tones of Zara Ramm.

Also, if you can’t get on with wearing headphones to bed, look out for the Soundasleep Pillow – which comes with an inbuilt bluetooth speaker and its own relaxation app.

Photos by Elice Moore and Icons8 Team on Unsplash

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